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What have you got to work with?

A blank canvas?......

Solution – a site plan, design concept and planting plan with the kind of detail required to ensure your landscape will stand the test of time.

Its all a bit tired?......

Solution – rejuvenation, a design concept and/or planting plan utilizing the existing good bones and adding current ideas, planting and materials for a subtle change or a whole new look.

Just need a few ideas?......

Solution – our design consultation service.

The Process?
Starting with a consultation on site with Kim Horgan (Director) and one of our designers, we establish your design needs, budget and landscape brief, including considering any additional design elements which may arise at this time. Our design fee for this meeting (customarily a 30-45 minute commitment) is $95/hour+gst including travel.

Now we have a clearer picture of your vision, we provide a process proposal and brief based on the scope of your project, which includes our quote to provide you with a visual representation of your wishes and specifications.

Acceptance by signing on the dotted line and popping through the deposit ensures all our ducks are in a row and your design project is scheduled for earliest delivery. Firstly initial concepts and ideas presented by your designer to ensure the brief is translating perfectly and any updated ideas assigned to the task. Further meetings or conversations if required throughout. Final presentation of your design solutions by your designer, with Kim Horgan (Director) on hand to discuss any implementation queries which may arise. Final payment due.

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What have you got to work with?

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